Prepare for a Hearing

How to Prepare for a Hearing before the Skilled Trades BC Appeal Board

The first step in getting ready for a hearing is to prepare your Statement of Points.  This is a written outline and explanation of your case and any Evidence you will use in the appeal.  The STBCAB usually requires all participants to provide a Statement of Points to the Board and all participants well in advance of a hearing.

The panel of Board members assigned to hear an appeal may determine how an individual hearing will be conducted, including whether submissions to the panel are to be made in person at an oral hearing, in writing by exchanging documents and written argument only, by telephone conference call, or any combination. The parties will normally be consulted prior to the panel making its decision regarding the manner in which the hearing will be conducted. Below you will find some general information on how to prepare for a hearing before the STBCAB.

These are information documents designed to assist you in preparing for your hearing before the STBCAB. They are not intended as a substitute for the Industry Training Authority Act or its Regulations, the Administrative Tribunals Act or the STBCAB Rules.

For more information about administrative tribunals in British Columbia, preparing for a hearing and administrative law generally, see the information and short videos on the website titled “A Guide to Administrative Law in BC” produced by the Justice Education Society at